About us

Lore Technology Inc

Lore Technology INC. was founded by a group of experts in the design and production industry of educational equipment. During the history of our company, these experts have repeatedly proven their design capabilities and strengths, especially in the field of technical and vocational training equipment.


Our company has a commitment to designing and manufacturing training equipment according to the needs of colleges and training centers. We want to ensure that those who are trained using Lore equipment can acquire the trendiest and most relevant skills needed within their workplace setting. To ensure this, Lore Technology has increased its design and production capacities with the acquisition and merger of Smart Solution System which was founded in 2012.

At Lore Technology, we work with our clients to design, produce, or procure educational equipment that will fit within the unique needs and course topics of their college or educational training center. We look forward to working with your college and organization to ensure that your students and staff have the best equipment possible to ensure all a successful learning environment.

In addition to designing and manufacturing educational equipment, our services also include the followings:

1- Consultation for developing courses and providing educational contents for colleges and training centers.

2- Lease of equipment for educational purposes.

3- Maintaining existing equipment at the colleges and training centers.

4- Consultation and Services for purchasing educational equipment such as preparing lists of equipment needed for educational programs and courses, preparing tender documents, evaluating bidders’ qualities, preparing purchase contracts, and an inspection of equipment before delivery (with the obligation of non-interest conflict).

5- Financial Participation in colleges and training centers’ programs by providing reliable equipment and instructors.

We are open to putting into consideration other forms of cooperation, which are offered and better suit with colleges and training centers.