HD-101 Hydraulics Training System

HD-101 Hydraulics Training System

HD-101 is a modular system designed for the development of the professional skills related to Hydraulics, including:

  • Identification and use of Hydraulic components
  • Function of the Hydraulic elements
  • Analysis and design of simple Hydraulic circuits

All the components used in the design of this training system are manufactured by Duplomatic Corporation. The components are equipped with specific base plates to be mounted safely and securely on anodized aluminum working panels.

Main Components:

11Proper(Working Table With Drawers)
21Hydraulic Power Pack
31Transparent Oil Storage Tank In Return Line
41Distribution Block – P Line (With Pressure Gauge)
51Distribution Block – T Line (With Pressure Gauge)
61Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder
71Hydraulic Motor
814/3-Way Hand Lever Valve (A-B-T)
914/2-Way Hand Lever Valve
101Pressure Relief Valve
112T-Type Connector
122Pressure Gauge
132Flow Control Valve
142One-Way Flow Control Valve
152Check Valve
Hydraulic Hoses:
1710.3 M Length
1840.5 M Length
1960.8 M Length
2021.0 M Length
2141.2 M Length
2221.5 M Length
Optional Components
114/3-Way Hand Lever Valve (P-T)
21Hd-901 Magnetic Hydraulic Symbols Set