Hydraulic Training parts

Transparent Hydraulic Training System parts

The HD-203 Transparent Hydraulic Training System is designed for understanding hydraulics systems. The transparent hydraulic system gives a clear picture of how components work and demonstrate the relevant functions.

The Transparent Hydraulic Training System includes fully operational models developed to show the hidden features of hydraulic components as well as their construction and operation.

The most important components:

11Working Table With Drawers  
21Hydraulic Power Pack  
31Transparent Oil Storage Tank In Return Line  
41Transparent Distribution Block – P Line (With Pressure Gauge) 
51Transparent Distribution Block – T Line  
61Transparent Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder 
71Transparent Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder 
81Transparent Manual (lever type) 4/2-way valve 
91Transparent Pressure Relief Valve 
102Industrial T-Type Connector  
112Transparent T-Type Connector With Pressure Gauge 
121Transparent Flow Control Valve 
131Transparent One-Way Flow Control Valve 
141Transparent Check Valve 
151Transparent External Gear Motor 
161Transparent Rotary Vane Swivel Motor 
171Transparent Rack & Pinion Motor 
181Transparent Piston Accumulator 
Hydraulic Hoses:
1910.3 M Length  
2040.5 M Length  
2160.8 M Length  
2221.0 M Length  
2341.2 M Length  
2421.5 M Length  
Optional Components
11Hd-901 Magnetic Hydraulic Symbols Set