PN-101 Pneumatic Training System

PN-101 Pneumatic Training System

PN-101 is a modular system designed for the development of professional skills related to pneumatics. Skill such as:

  • Identification and use of pneumatic components
  • Air treatment concepts
  • Function of the pneumatic elements
  • Analysis and design of simple pneumatic circuits

All the components used in the design of this training system are industrial and manufactured by AirTAC or SHAKO Corporations. As an option customer can order components from SMC Corporation. The components are mounted on specific base plates in order to keep mounting safe and secure on anodized aluminium working panels.

The most important components:

11Working Table With Drawers
21Air Unit
31Quick Exhaust Valve
41Pressure Regulator With Pressure Gauge
51Distribution Block
61Pressure Gauge
72Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder
81Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinder
913/2 Way Single Air Operated Valve – Nc
1013/2 Way Single Air Operated Valve – No
1113/2 Way Manual Valve,
Selector Type – Nc
1223/2 Way Mechanical Valve,

Vertical [Roller]  Type – Nc

1323/2 Way Mechanical Valve,

Roller [Lever]   Type – Nc

1423/2 Way Mechanical Valve,

Roller [Lever]    Type With Free Return – Nc

1513/2 Way Timer Valve – Nc
1615/2 Way Double Air Operated Valve
1715/2 Way Single Air Operated Valve
1815/2 Way Manual Valve,
Push-Pull Type
194One-Way Flow Control Valve
202Check Valve
212Double Pressure Valve (And)
222Shuttle Valve (Or)
238T-Type Connector
248Plastic Plug
25Pneumatic Tube – 20 M
271Tube Cutter
281Visual Indicator
291Pn-901 Magnetic Pneumatic Symbols Set