PN-501 Electro-Pneumatic Training System

PN-501 Electro-Pneumatic Training System

PN-501 is a modular system designed for the development of professional skills related to electro-pneumatics, including:

  • Identification and use of electro-pneumatic components
  • Function of the electro-pneumatic elements
  • Concepts and principles of electricity
  • Analysis and design of simple electro-pneumatic circuits
  • Analysis and design of sequential circuits based on relays
  • Analysis and design of circuits using proximity sensors

All the components used in the design of this training system are manufactured by Duplomatic Corporation. The components are equipped with specific base plates to be mounted safely and securely on anodized aluminum working panels.

Some optional components may be added to the basic elements to make PN-501 an advanced electro-pneumatic training system which will cover programmable electro-pneumatic systems with PLC.

The most important components:

11Working Table With Drawers
21Air Unit
31Quick Exhaust Valve
41Pressure Regulator With Pressure Gauge
51Distribution Block
61Pressure Gauge
72Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinder
81Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinder
913/2 Way Single Solenoid Valve – Nc
1013/2 Way Single Solenoid Valve – No
1125/2 Way Double Solenoid Valve
1215/2 Way Single Solenoid Valve
132One-Way Flow Control Valve
142Check Valve
154T-Type Connector
166Plastic Plug
17Pneumatic Tube – 20 M
185Magnetic Sensor (Mounted On Cylinder)
191Limit Switch
201Photo-Electric Sensor
211Inductive Sensor
221Capacitive Sensor
Electrical Panel:
231Signal Indicator Unit
241Signal Input Unit
251Relay Unit
261Timer And Counter Unit
27124V Dc Power Supply
Connecting Cables:
28200.3 M Length
29100.5 M Length
30201.0 M Length
322Double Pressure Valve
332Shuttle Valve
341Visual Indicator
351Siemens Logo! Plc
361Siemens S7-200 Plc With Text Displayer
371Pn-901 Magnetic Pneumatic Symbols Set